Protect The Surface Of Your Products With Best Protection Tape In India


There are many types of Surface Protection Tapes available in the market. The main worry of every manufacturer or whole sale dealer is to protect its inventory from dust, dirt, scratches and other types of wear and tear. The products have to be kept in inventory for a long time and have to be transported to various long distance locations. Products are bound to get damage in these circumstances. And if the product is edible or made of fragile material then the risk of damage gets higher. The products made of fragile material are especially very much prone to wear and tear. Such types of products need to be protected at any cost or damage to them may cost heavily to the businessman. These products are very expensive and needs to be protected from such wear and tear primarily.

While transporting the products they get prone to certain damage. Products are exposed to dirt, dust and jerks directly. These surface Protection tapes are specially manufactured to protect these products from any type of physical damage. The usage or Surface Protection Tapes is not just limited to protect the products while keeping inventory or transporting the products, but it is also used to protect your vehicle from any type of scratches.

As India is a country of extreme climate we receive summers of extremely high temperature and very heavy monsoon. Transporting the products in these seasons is not that easy. The temperature can damage your products, specially, which are made of plastic, glass, paper or any other fragile material. Summer and monsoon are extremely dangerous seasons for transportation of edible things. These Surface Protection Tape care of your such products in such an extreme weather too.


 Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India, protects your product from any types of damage while, assembling, transporting and installing the products. This Surface Protection Tapes also protects the label of the products from finger prints, ink rubbing etc. These tapes can be easily applied and removed without leaving any  The tapes are easy to apply and do not leave any residual mark, scratch or stickiness on the surface. The company is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of the Surface Protection Tape in India. The Tape of this company is durable, highly elastic and possess high heat and water resistance.


Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai, is also a manufacturer and supplier of Glass etching Tapes.


Get the Best Packaging and Protection Sheets/Films According to Your Requirements


People don’t generally notice this but whatever we buy online or from some branded company of the market usually comes in high quality packaging and protection sheets. This is done for the safety of the products and to protect them from any damage while delivery. This is one of the most important procedures in any given industry – to make sure the products are packaged with the best available protective material in the market.

If you get a product delivered to your home or you get something from a well known brand, there’s a very high chance that the packaging and protecting material used on the product is of high quality and is manufactured by Ezzy Packaging Solution – a highly reputed packaging company of the industry.

Ezzy Packaging Solutions has been providing the industry with the best grade protective materials over the years without a fail. Their entire range of products are well accepted in the market and their quality is only getting better with every passing day. The tapes and sheets they produce are designed in such a way that they protect the packed products from any scratch or damage.


Over the years, they’ve established an image of being the only Surface Protection Tape Suppliers in Mumbai with stable adhesive strength and the ability to withstand all weather conditions. Their protective films are easily applied and removed from the surfaces and help maintaining the quality of the products while transportation and installation.

They’ve successfully assembled a team of experienced and talented industry personnel who are aware of the company’s vision. The staff at their facility is well acquainted with all the latest technology and methods for creating top grade protective sheets and films.


They strive to be the best Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India and provide their clients with a wide range of products to choose from and help them get complete satisfaction.

The protective packaging materials created at their facility can be availed according to the custom needs of the client and they can decide how much elasticity and moisture resistance they want in their sheets and protective films.

Sterling Glass, DMT, KK. Glass, Naitri Enterprises, Sunrise Glass and Raj Ratan Marketing are among the top industries and glass manufacturers of the country who are associated with Ezzy Packaging Solutions.

Best Surface Protection Manufacturers In India


It is a tensed situation if you have a lot of inventory or finished products to keep, but you are worried how to cover the surface of these goods to protect from damage. If you are a manufacturer or a whole sale dealer, you spend sleepless night due to this tension.

You are always in tension to keep your goods safe from various types of damage. And if your products have to be transported, then it is definitely a nerve-wrecking situation for you and your heart beats faster every second till your product reaches the destination safely. No matter how much effort you put into it, still your products gets damage some or the other way.

There are many verities of Surface Protection Films available in the market. But we give you the best of Surface Protection Films ever. Our Surface Protection Films are made of supreme quality material and latest technology and are highly in demand in various industries. Our Surface Protection Films safeguards your product from dust, dirt, scratches, and every type of physical damage due to extreme weather conditions.

We give you supreme quality Surface Protection Tape with high elasticity, adhesive strength, and durability. Our Surface Protection Films safeguard your goods in scorching summer and extreme monsoon as these Surface Protection Films are highly heat resistant and water resistant. Our Surface Protection Films are easy to apply and leaves no stickiness, scratches, damage or residue behind, when removed. That means, it safeguard your products and leaves them neat and clean.

Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India

This Surface Protection Film is best suited for the products, which needs transportation, installation or fabrication. Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India, give Surface Protection Films for Glass, Glass Facades, Electronic items like, Laptops, desktops, etc and also for Marble flooring, Aluminum Sections, and special items.


We have a team of experienced technicians who are expert in handing the operation of these Surface Protection Films. Our Technicians do every bit to give you the best product that you truly deserve. Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India, We are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of the Surface Protection Films and Glass Etching Tapes in Mumbai and strive every bit to keep our customers satisfied.

Type Of Surface Protection Films In The Market


Wide ranges of surface protection films are available in the market for protecting the surface of products from cuts, abrasions, and dust and dirt particle and from weather elements. These tapes are used for temporarily purposes to protect the different product made form aluminum, marble, steel or stone etc.

Metal protecting tapes are applied to the metal pieces for protection during transportation and shipping. The tapes are also used for automobiles where various components are protected during their shipping journey. The metal protecting tapes are also used in the exterior applications of vehicles.

The advantages of these metal protecting tapes are many. They can confirm to variety of surfaces. Have heat and abrasion resistance and the adhesive used in them is of high quality and does not leave any residual mark on the surface.

The protective Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India tapes for doors help protect the printed surface from finger prints and abrasion, scratches during installations, assembly, and transportation. The tapes are easy to apply and do not leave any residual mark on the metal surface.

Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India

Carpet protection film is used to provide protection to carpet in hotels, builders’ site during construction, renovations and for preventing dirt and dust settling in on the carpets. The tapes are made to offer protection in all grades of carpets in commercial, residential and industrial uses. The surface protection films are highly restive to tears and punctures. But there is one   precaution that one has to observe during the applications of these carpet protection films. The protection film should not be used in basement areas, as the moisture on the adhesive side can result in adhesive transfer.

Surface protection films for glass fiber sheets are used for high pressure laminate sheets, plywood, veneers, and door skins. The film is applied to the surface by film applicator machine. The application of film protects the product from dust, dirt and fingerprints. The thickness of these tapes range from 25 to 250 micron and the adhesive coating can vary from acrylic water base to one based on applications. The tapes are available in various colors.

Tile tape and mosaic film Suppliers of Surface protection film is used for glass tiles; mosaic Pieces, mounting stones, ceramics, and medallions. The paper is used for back mounting and tapes are used for face rollers. The tile tape comes with various advantages over other surface protection tapes. The tape is very easy to use and apply.